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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

New Statues

We have some beautiful new statues at The Singing Bowl Shop!

Chenrezig Statue, 5 Inches

Chenrezig is the Bodhisattva of compassion. Chenrezig is the Patron Bodhisattva of Tibet. Chenrezig is known by many names, in China Chenrezig is known as Guan Yin and in Sanskrit Chenrezig is called Avalokiteshvara. Chenrezig is the earthly manifestation of Amitabha and guards the world during the period of time between Shakyamuni and the coming of Maitreya. The Dalai Llama is an emanation of Chenrezig. Om Mani Padme Hum is the mantra of Chenrezig. Meditating on Chenrezig through the use of the mantra helps us grow towards finding more compassion in ourselves, so that we may come closer to the compassion of Chenrezig. This statue is 5 inches tall and made from bronze. This statue was handmade in Nepal. This statue is priced at $59.99.

Vajrasattva Statue, Bronze, 5"

Vajrasattva is the Buddha of purification and manifests energies of all Buddhas. Vajrasattva practices are used in all four schools of Tibetan Buddhism. The Vajrasattva mantra is the 100-syllable mantra, and saying the mantra brings peace and causes enlightened activity. There is also a shortened form of this mantra, om Vajrasattva hum, and this shortened form is said to be just as effective as the 100-syllable mantra. Vajrasattva is often depicted with consorts including Vajragarvi and Dharmadhatvishvari, but also depicted solo. Vajrasattva is always shown holding a bell and dorje, or bell and vajra. This statue is $59.99.

Yellow Dzambhala Statue

This statue is $399. The Yellow Dzambhala is a protector of the dharma and one of the five meditation Buddhas in Tibetan Buddhism. Yellow Dzambhala practices focus on the developments of equality and tolerance for others. The Yellow Dzambhala bestows wealth, both material and spiritual, and spiritually the Yellow Dzambhala helps followers attain wisdom and virtue. There are many practices associated with the Yellow Dzambhala and it is said that saying his mantra 108 times a day will increase your wealth. The Yellow Dzambhala's mantra iOM DZAMBHALA DJARDIN DJAYA SOHA. 

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